SEPTEMBER 12, 2018

There are 14 words/levels to describe love in the Arabic language, that begins with ‘alhawa’ to ‘alhiyam’ which is the highest level of love.

The highest level of love is called ‘alhiyam’ which comes from the word that describes an illness that camels get where they are still thirsty no matter the amount of water they have, therefore becoming crazy wandering the desert, alone. Just as I have been wandering the streets of Leipzig picking up the flowers along the canals. “In a world that really has been turned on its head, truth is a moment of falsehood.”
1967 Guy Debord.

Seems like he predicted the way relationships are in our time and how they have become more virtual and shallow rather than deep, meaningful and real. And perhaps a real bouquet of flowers that express emotion; a reason for hanging up the flowers in such a way to connote our shallow relationships in the present.

I found a profound description of love in these 14 words, which is why I approached such an experiment, knowing the outcome. 
During the process I have found a professional translation company that has helped me in translating these emotions into emojis, realizing that these emotions lost their magnitude and became unclear; which is the state of present day meaningless digital relationships.

For the final piece, I translated the last stage of love by myself which shows how lovers together are lost alone in the universe.